What should I do if the shaft head and keyway of the reducer of the explosion-proof hoisting winch a

Issuing time:2021-06-09 13:48

In the long-time work of the explosion-proof mine hoisting winch reducer, failures such as wear and leakage often occur.

The main ones are:

1. The wear of the bearing chamber of the reducer also includes the wear of the housing bearing box, the hole bearing chamber of the gear box and the bearing chamber of the gear box.

2. The shaft diameter of the gear shaft of the reducer has been worn, and the main worn parts are the shaft head and the keyway.

3. The bearing of the drive shaft of the reducer is worn out.

4. Leakage on the joint surface of the reducer.

Regarding the problem of wear, the traditional treatment method is to repair welding or machining after brush plating, but both have shortcomings: the high temperature of repair welding can not completely generate thermal stress, which can easily cause material damage and cause component appearance. Twisting or cracking; although brush plating is restricted by the thickness of the coating, it is easy to peel off, and the above two methods use metal to correct the metal and cannot change the "hard-to-hard" matching relationship. Under the simultaneous effects of various strengths, wear will still be formed again.


It can be disassembled and processed under the influence of the thermal stress of repair welding and repaired with polymer materials, and the repair thickness is not restricted. The metal material of the product can absorb the impact of the equipment, avoid re-wearing, and greatly extend the service life of the equipment components, saving a lot of downtime for the enterprise, and inventing huge economic value. Regarding the leakage problem, the traditional method requires disassembling the reducer of the winch, replacing the gasket or applying sealant, which is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also difficult to ensure the sealing effect, and leakage will occur again during work.

The leak of the sealing part of the explosion-proof mining hoisting winch is usually due to the loosening of the end cover bolts used for the explosion-proof hoisting winch for a long time. In fact, any machine in operation, due to rotation, vibration, etc., will cause the bolts to loosen. After the winch is completed, we can check whether the bolts of the winch are loose, especially the anchor bolts.

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