How many models does JK mine hoist depth indicator have?

Issuing time:2021-06-09 13:45

Direct measurement principle of JK mine hoist:

According to different measuring methods, the depth indicator can be divided into direct type and indirect type.

In principle, the following methods can be used for direct measurement:

① The magnetic strip on the wire rope;

②Use ordinary wire rope flowers as travel signals;

③Use high-frequency radar, laser or infrared ranging equipment.

The advantage of this depth indicator is that the measurement is direct, accurate and reliable, and it is not affected by wire rope slippage or creep.

In indirect measurement, the position of the lifting container in the wellbore is measured indirectly through a transmission mechanism connected to the lifting container. Usually, it is measured by measuring the rotation angle of the drum of the JK mine hoist and then converting it into a stroke. The advantage of this depth indicator is that the technical equipment is simple and easy to implement. The disadvantage is that the volume is large, the indication accuracy is not high, and it is easily affected by factors such as wire rope slipping, creep or tensile deformation.


JK mine hoist is mainly composed of main shaft device, rope adjustment mechanism, disc brake device, hydraulic station, depth indicator, reducer, tachogenerator device, elastic coupling, gear coupling, electric motor, operating table and electrical Control system and other components.

How many JK mine hoist device settings do you need to know?

1. The JK mine hoist should be placed in a high and flat place;

2. There should be sleepers under the base, and the sleepers must not protrude from the base at one end of the foot brake;

3. The operating position of the JK mine hoist should have a good view;

4. The wire rope should be drawn in from below the drum;

5. The wire ropes on the drum should be arranged neatly;

6. When working, the wire rope on the drum of the JK mine hoist should be kept at least 5 turns, and the outer wire rope should be at most below the diameter of the wire rope on the edge of the drum.

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