What are the common faults of the mine hoist hydraulic station?

Issuing time:2021-06-09 13:44

The current hoist is a hydraulic disc brake brake device, which is composed of a hydraulic station, a disc brake, and an electronic control system. Most of the brake devices of the mine hoist in my country use hydraulic disc brakes. Among them, the hydraulic station is the driving and regulating pressure mechanism of the machine brake system. The stable and reliable operation of the hydraulic station is a necessary guarantee for the safety improvement of the mine. Its performance and quality directly affect the safety of equipment and personnel. The use shows that the constant deceleration control hydraulic station can make the average braking torque change with the load change during emergency braking, can realize the constant deceleration control, and meet the constant deceleration requirements of the hoisting system. However, due to the complexity of the hydraulic braking system and control system, improper use and maintenance will cause various failures such as over-limit braking deceleration and insufficient braking torque, which can cause serious consequences.


Analysis of common failures in hydraulic station of hoist and treatment methods

1. After long-term use of oil leakage and unstable oil pressure, there will be a large amount of leakage between the oil collecting passages, and between the valve and the oil collecting passage in the safety brake device, and the oil pressure drops causing the valve to not be released because of one of them. If the screw in the middle is loose, tighten the screw to eliminate the fault; the reason for the unstable oil pressure is air mixed in the hydraulic system, which should be removed, or the current filtering of the electro-hydraulic voltage regulator coil is not good, and the coil vibrates up and down, causing oil pressure If it is unstable, add an electrolytic capacitor to enhance filtering.

2. The oil pressure value cannot be guaranteed because there is air intake in the system, a lot of foam in the oil tank, or large leakage in the overflow valve or electromagnetic reversing valve. Treatment method: check whether the oil suction port of the oil pump is leaking; the oil suction part of the oil pump Whether the pipe joint is tightened; whether the screw of the suction filter is tightened; check whether the pipeline from the suction filter to the suction port of the oil pump is leaking; check whether the end cover screw of the oil pump is tightened; clean the overflow valve spool, if the spool is in the valve body The movement is not flexible, and you can hold the valve core by hand and grind it back and forth in the body; cleaning the solenoid valve core requires the valve core to move flexibly in the valve body to ensure that the valve core is in place during operation.

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