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New Type mine hoist


Six advantages compared with traditional mine hoists

1 Advanced technology

Using a new generation of permanent magnet synchronous speed regulation technology, the speed regulation range is 0.01HZ-15HZ, which is 100 times more accurate than the traditional hoist, making the operation of the mine hoist more stable.

2 safe and reliable

In the case of system power failure and brake disc failure, the hoist can automatically enter the state of power generation, generating electricity to slow down the mine hoist, and fundamentally prevent the occurrence of flying accidents.

3Small size and light weight

The permanent magnet built-in mine hoist eliminates the reducer, coupling, lubrication station, and the motor is installed in the drum. The weight of the main engine is reduced by 45%, the floor space is reduced by 50%, and the equipment transportation and installation are more convenient. , Infrastructure investment has been drastically reduced.

4. Energy saving and consumption reduction

The permanent magnet built-in mine hoist does not have the power loss of reducer, coupling, lubrication station, etc., and its work efficiency is increased by 15%. In addition, it can feed back to the power grid in any load decentralization condition, which is more than traditional mine hoists. Comprehensive energy saving can reach 30%.

5. Quiet and low noise

The noise of the permanent magnet built-in mine hoist can be as low as 60dB, realizing a quiet and comfortable operating environment in the machine room.

6. Low maintenance

The permanent magnet motor technology is mature and the failure rate is extremely low. At the same time, there is no maintenance work for the reducer, coupling and lubrication station, and the daily maintenance is greatly reduced.

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