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Granular Type organic fertilizer production line


Particle Type organic fertilizer production line


【Applicable raw materials】

Suitable raw materials can be selected according to local conditions

1. Manure: chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, sheep manure, horse manure, rabbit manure, quail manure, pigeon manure and other animal manure;

2. Straws: corn stalks, corn cobs, rice straw, wheat straw, bean straw, sweet potato stalks, grain stalks, etc.;

3. Cakes and meals: soybean cake, soybean meal, oil dry cake, rapeseed cake, peanut cake, sesame cake, etc.;

4. Sludge: domestic sludge, sugar mill filter, papermaking sludge, etc.;

5. Other categories: animal carcasses, household garbage, bone meal, leather, etc.;

6. Adding raw materials: plant growth regulators, synergists, anti-caking agents, coloring agents, brightening agents, adhesives, medium and trace elements, large elements, carrier materials, etc.

【Process flow】


【Equipment Details】


Quantitative feeder: The preparation material placed above the belt conveyor greatly improves production efficiency. Wanfeng [Organic Fertilizer Equipment] is equipped with a flow-aid vibrating feeder under the silo. The cutting is smooth, economical, and easy to operate.


Chain grinder: The chain grinder is one of the organic fertilizer crushing equipment. In the crushing process, the machine adopts a strong wear-resistant hard alloy chain with a synchronous speed in the crushing process, which is suitable for the crushing of raw materials and returned materials. Especially for materials with high moisture content, it has strong adaptability, is not easy to be blocked, and the material is smoothly discharged.


Drum screening machine: It is the equipment in the production of organic fertilizer. It is mainly used to separate the product and the returned material and to evenly classify the finished organic fertilizer. The drum screening machine adopts a combined screen and a hoop-type fixed screen. It has high screening efficiency, low noise, low dust, long service life, small maintenance, and easy maintenance and replacement.


Double-shaft premixer: The double-screw mixer uses the synchronous rotation of two symmetrical screw shafts to add water and stir while conveying the material to achieve the purpose of uniformity and impermeability of the material.


Stirring tooth granulator: The stirring tooth granulator adopts high-speed rotary motion to make the material turn at high speed with the cylinder, which can make the powder form adhesion under high-speed movement, and continuously realize the processes of mixing, granulation, spheroidization, and densification inside. , So as to achieve the purpose of granulation.


Automatic packaging machine: high precision, weighing controller is selected, and reliability is good. Good integrity, small floor space, flexible and convenient installation. The speed is adjustable. The feeding method of powder equipment is spiral feeding, fast feeding and slow feeding are realized by the controller, and the feeding speed can be set arbitrarily. Environmentally friendly operation, closed internal circulation system, effectively prevent dust from flying.

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