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Speed reducer


Cylindricalgear speed reducer


Cylindrical gear reducer is the national professionalstandard is according to the national professional standard ZBJ19004 productionmesh gradually open helical cylindrical gear reducer, reducer is widely used inconstruction, lifting, metallurgy, transport, cement, chemical industry, lightindustry, energy and other mechanical equipment, transmission and slowingeffect. Because of the enclosure structure for horizontal segmentation totallyenclosed, mechanical good performance, reliable operation, convenientmaintenance and other good characteristics.


1. Gear adopts precision hobbling grinding process, highprecision, good contact.

2. High mechanical transmission efficiency, the single gear ismore than 96.5%, double gear more than 93%, three-stage gear is more than 90%.

3. Stable running and lower noise.

4. Small volume, light wight, long service life, high bearingcapacity.

5. Easy to install and dismantle.

6. If lower than 0 , must use extremepressure industrial gear oil, before the start of lubricating oil I should bepreheated to 0 and above.

Parallelaxes speed reducer


Parallel axes gear reducer is suitable for metal lurgy,mining, transport, cement, construction, chemical, textile, light industry andenergy industry the transmission of all kinds of mechanical equipment. Gear ismade of high strength low carbon alloy steel after carburizing and quenching,gear hardness HR58-62, gear adopts gear grinding technology, high precision,good contact.


1. This product adopts double circular arc type cylindrecalgears with two levels of transmission.

2. Adopts gear splash lubrication method, do not need to addcompulsory lubrication station.

3. The smooth running, low noise, good sealed performance.

4. Safe and reliable, conveniently to install and use.

structure whichhas evenly distributed a number of planet gears, make acting force

Planet-gearspeed reducer


Planetarygear transmission as compared with the ordinary gear transmission, when theirparts material and the mechanical properties, manufacturing precision, workconditions, are all same, but the former has a series of advantages, as thereare some main characteristics of planetary gear transmission as below:

1. Small volume, light weight, compact structure, large powerand high bearing capacity, this feature is determined by internal factors suchas the structure of planetary gear transmission: Power dividing The reasonable application of internal contact Transmission device of the type of coaxial line.

2. Large transmission ratio

   As long as the appropriate choose of theplanetary transmission type and matched gear scheme, can use a few of the gearsand get large transmission ratio. When not as power transmission and mainlyused to transmit the movement of the planetary mechanism, its transmissionratio can be up to several thousands. In addition, the planetary geartransmission because of its three native components can be driven, so it canrealize the scompostion and resolution of motion, as well as organic andstepless variable speed drive and other complex movement.

3. High transmission efficiency

   Due to the planetary gear transmission usingthe symmetrical shunt transmission force of the center of the wheel and theturning arm bearing reaction force balance each other, to improve thetransmission efficiency. In the transmission type under the condition of aproper and reasonable structure layout, the efficiency can reach 0.97-0.99.

4. Smooth movement with a strong ability to resist shock andvibration

   Due to adopts a number of the same planetgears, distributed evenly aroud sun gear, which can make the planet gear andthe inertial force of revolving arm balance each other. At the same time, themeshing gear increased, so the smooth movement of the planetary gear transmission,stronger impact and vibration resistance, and more reliable working.

   The oiling of gear is worked by a separateoil lubrication station with thin oil forced lubrication.

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