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JZ Type shaft winch for mining contruction


Mining shaft sinking winch is mainly used in coal mine, metal mine, non-metal mine shaft tunneling suspension suspension plate, water pump, air duct, grouting pipe and other tunneling equipment in the tension stability rope, can also be used for underground and ground lifting heavy objects.

This series of winch structure is winding type, mainly consists of spindle device, reducer, elastic coupling with brake wheel, working brake, safety brake, frame, motor and other components.

1. Spindle device

Spindle device includes: spindle, gear, drum, brake wheel, bearing pedestal and bearing. The drum and the gear, the brake wheel are connected as a whole by the copper sleeve and bolt, and the gear is connected with the spindle through the key, so the spindle only rotates with the drum and does not transfer the torque. The outlet direction of the wire rope is the upper outlet.

2. Reducer

Reducer is the use of spherical worm gear reduction, plus a speed change gear. Change the speed and slow position of the gearshift handle, can change the speed and slow speed. The double barrel 10 ton winch has a differential system, the differential handle is placed in the straight position, the speed of the two gears of the output shaft of the reducer is exactly the same; If the differential handle is placed in the differential position, the two gears can rotate relative to each other, that is, they have a differential effect.

3. Working brake

Working brake adopts tile brake, start the motor, electro-hydraulic actuator release the brake, stop the motor, spring force braking.

4. Safety brake

Full brake for tile floating type, rely on the hammer drop for braking, electro-hydraulic push to release the brake.

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