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Product name: All-digital AC low-voltage variable frequency speed regulation system. It is composed of power supply cabinet (incoming cabinet), frequency conversion cabinet, brake cabinet, network intelligent operation console, man-machine interface, encoder, etc.


System Features:

1. Main loop control mode: full digital frequency conversion speed regulation, capacity selection with sufficient margin.

2. Control loop mode: PLC programmable controller. It adopts a new electronic control system, fully digital frequency conversion speed regulation, Siemens PLC control, and the control principle Hefei improves process requirements, and has more complete software and hardware protection links, and each main protection achieves double protection. The electronic control system will manually or semi-automatically accelerate, decelerate, and stop automatically according to the direction of the signal.

Features: ①Stepless speed regulation, stable and continuously adjustable speed;

②Compared with the traditional form of rotor string resistance, energy saving is significant;

③Advanced technology, which represents the development direction of AC electric control of hoist;

④The technology is mature and has entered the promotion stage;

⑤ No noise, small footprint.

3. Features of main control equipment:

①Dual-circuit power inlet, and has corresponding control, measurement and protection functions; double-circuit power inlet adopts one-use and one-standby working mode.

②Set up an uninterruptible power supply unit UPS in the cabinet to supply power to the control equipment and PLC to ensure that after the low-voltage power supply fails, the hoist can achieve reliable and safe braking and data retention.

③Using a frequency converter to make a digital speed control device to realize stepless speed control and truly achieve steady speed operation; a large number of rotor resistances are eliminated, which significantly reduces energy consumption and operating costs; and reduces floor space.

④It has strong anti-interference ability, strong environmental adaptability; small harmonic component, no pollution to the power grid; adopts variable frequency vector control technology, the actual speed changes closely to the predetermined speed, and the speed graph changes from the constant speed section to the deceleration section, decelerating The smoothness of the transition from section to crawling section is good, and it has better speed regulation performance than the DC-driven hoist.

⑤The digital variable frequency power supply device of mine hoist runs according to the S-shaped fixed curve, and through the man-machine dialogue interface, it is convenient to use and debug. According to different use occasions, the set parameters are different.

⑥It has powerful diagnostic functions for internal software failures and external circuit failures. In the case of a fault diagnosed, the device will first automatically stop working to prevent further expansion of the fault, and at the same time carry out an accurate fault alarm.

System security protection

1. Master control handle zero position interlock 2. Brake handle zero position interlock 3. Main circuit power failure protection 4. Brake oil pressure high protection 5. Wrong direction protection 6. Constant speed overspeed protection

7. Deceleration and overspeed protection 8. Over-winding protection 9. Depth indicator broken shaft protection 10. Spring fatigue, brake shoe wear protection 11. Loose rope protection 12. Rolling car protection

13. Inverter fault 14. Rope adjusting interlock 15. Constant speed protection 16. 2m speed limit protection 17. Overload protection (overload protection) 18. Full warehouse protection

19. Oil temperature protection 20. Over-high residual pressure protection of hydraulic station 21. Failure protection of rope adjusting clutch 22. Under-voltage protection


PLC main console

1. Design an intelligent numerical control console, with a 10.1-inch man-machine interface touch screen in the middle, which displays the operating status and working parameters of the system, and can record the change values of various parameters in each operating interval, and can realize the sound and light alarm of the fault. . The two sides are designed to be equipped with corner cabinet consoles, and the left corner cabinet is designed with a set of 22-inch monitors to monitor multiple positions of the hoist and the ramp point. The right corner cabinet is designed with a 22-inch host computer, which can monitor programmatic software monitoring, and realize the double protection of software and hardware for the console.

2. It adopts imported Siemens dual PLC, imported Japanese Omron dual encoder, and independent dual-line protection.

3. Equipped with a manually operated master controller, which can manually adjust the braking force and driving speed, and is equipped with a foot emergency brake switch, which provides effective and appropriate dynamic braking capability to the system during normal operation. Brake quickly in an emergency to prevent accidents and expansion.

4. The system design has: manual, overhaul, (semi) automatic driving mode. Equipped with a working mode selection switch. In the automatic driving mode, the parameter confirmation setting is carried out through the man-machine touch screen interface, which can automatically complete the braking distance and the loading of the braking physical parameters (automatic driving, automatic acceleration, constant speed, automatic deceleration, Automatic parking)

5. Using programmable controller (PLC-S7) to realize the control of the upgrading process, mutual monitoring, mutual redundancy of safety protection, the PLC control system is composed of DI/DO, AI/AO, high-speed counting, communication, etc., and has certain The margin.

Function: The safety circuit is realized by PLC and relay redundancy; the full stroke speed monitoring, the actual speed exceeds 8% of the given speed, pre-alarm, the constant speed section exceeds 15% of the set speed, and the deceleration section exceeds 10% of the set speed. Safe braking; safety braking achieved by 0.5m over the roll; brake shoe wear and spring fatigue protection; software and hardware lockout with signal system; PLC software integrated fault protection.

Has the following protection:

Main circuit overcurrent, overvoltage, and undervoltage protection; inverter input and output phase loss protection; depth indicator shaft break protection; deceleration point backup protection; wellhead speed limit protection; wrong direction protection; secondary brake release protection; Overspeed protection in constant speed section and deceleration section; interlocking protection for driving and dotting signals; self-locking and automatic reversing function of driving direction; safety circuit is realized by series connection of PLC internal and external AC circuit; operation console is equipped with indicator lights, meters, and selector switches , Button, sound and light alarm; can realize the requirements of various control technology of hoist operation. The main display content of the instrument: lifting speed, motor voltage, motor current, brake oil pressure, adjustable brake current, etc. The content of the indicator light includes two categories: hoist operation status indication, signal indication and safety status indication. Selection switches and buttons include: operation mode selection switch, over-winding reset switch, self-locking emergency brake button, semi-automatic driving button, etc.


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